Regardless of if this is your first-time buying property or your hundredth, you might be under the impression that all title and escrow companies operate in the same way; however, once you have worked with the experienced staff at Greater Memphis Title & Closings, you will notice the difference. 

What makes Memphis Title different?

First, we only allow a few people to work on any particular transaction. This provides you a clear reference point if you have questions and allows you to become familiar with the person handling your particular transactions.

Second, we are enterprising when it comes to taking care of the needs of our clients. In real-estate transactions there are many obstacles which can arise and hinder the deal. If an issue arises, we make you aware immediately and work to resolve the situation. Our goal is to make the real-estate closing process as painless and efficient as possible. 

Third, our office is staffed with experienced personnel who truly care about seeing you cross the finish line and handing you the keys to your new home, new business, or new adventure. That is why Greater Memphis Title and Closings is different from everyone else in the business.